ZU drives oral cancer awareness campaign

KARACHI: Ziauddin College of Dentistry, Ziauddin University (ZU), organised an oral cancer awareness and screening programme in areas with a high pan and betel quid population.

Early-stage oral cancer has no signs, making it risky. The disease’s severity may not be apparent until later stages. Community outreach efforts must be used to raise awareness about oral cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.

For this purpose, Dr Afifa Razi and her colleagues in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis took the initiative to organise an oral cancer awareness and screening campaign in regions with a large population of people who eat pan and betel quid.

The campaign comprised groups of students and house officers who created awareness and screened the patients for cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions and lesions.

The department intends to continue this educational and screening activity to create awareness about the significance of the disease.


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