Workshop on Endodontics by Prof Dr Shahid Mahmood at UCD

Lahore: Prof Dr Shahid Mahmood is a renowned endodontist currently working at the Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz University, Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia. He completed his Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Pakistan. He further obtained his Masters in Dental Surgery from Adelaide, Australia. He has more than 30 years of experience from multiple countries and institutes. Prof Dr Shahid Mahmood shared these years of experience with the students and faculty of University College of Dentistry, The University of Lahore as he delivered a lecture and performed hands-on demonstrations on the topic of “Current status of Endodontics”. 

This event was held on 23rd of August, 2022. The participants of the workshop included students from Final Year BDS, newly graduate dentists and senior faculty members. Dr Shahid started the session off with a few motivating experiences aimed at the new and upcoming dentists as he made his segue in to the realm of endodontics.

He explained the various methods of identification of pulpal diseases. This concept was important to differentiate between periodontal and pulpal diseases which was the next topic that was explained. He then moved on to teach the participants about preparation of root canals, difference between rotary and manual preparation and rationale of different obturation techniques. Dr Shahid emphasized that suitable obturation is necessary for successful treatment outcomes.

In the next session Dr Shahid demonstrated the proper way to use rotary file systems and instruments for the best root canal preparation with maximum chances of successful treatment. He used a rotary system on an extracted tooth to explain the mechanics of the movements that should be used in these treatments. This session was followed by questions from the participants. Dr. Shahid replied to each of the students’ queries.

The entire faculty and student body thanked and appreciated Prof Dr Shahid’s presence in the institute. Prof Dr Rehan Qamar, Vice Principal UCD, presented a plaque as a token of appreciation to the speaker on behalf of the institute. Prof Dr Riaz Ahmed Warraich, the worthy principal of UCD was also pleased with the sessions and thanked Dr. Shahid for taking the time and enlightening the students regarding new trends in Endodontics.


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