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Nagpur: In a freak incident, a 65-year-old woman from the city accidentally swallowed her artificial tooth while drinking water. The tooth got entangled in her food pipe. Doctors at Super Speciality Hospital tried their best, but the woman could not be saved.
Doctors said this was an extremely rare case and the laparoscopic removal of the foreign body could not be achieved due to complications.
Doctors said the woman was using artificial teeth for years. She accidentally swallowed one of them three days ago. The patient reached the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) 48 hours after the incident. “They must have tried household remedies during this period which increased the complications,” said a doctor.
According to Gastroenterologists, it becomes difficult to remove a metal body from a food pipe after a certain period of time because the food pipe naturally compresses itself to stop the further movement of the foreign body. Moreover, doctors generally are very careful while treating such cases as surgery may damage the windpipe of the patient and it could land the patient in trouble. Though the relatives of the patient earlier alleged that she died due to medical negligence, they were later convinced by the doctors and they accepted the body later.
Dr Arun Khalikar, head of the Prosthodontics department of government dental college said, “Dental restorations won’t stay in place forever. Over a period of time, the wear and tear of eating and drinking can loosen the teeth. As soon as you feel something wrong with artificial teeth, you should meet the dentist.” Dr Khalikar said. He also advised people to use good-quality artificial dentures made by qualified dentists.
Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr Shashwat Magarkar said that death in such incidents is extremely rare. “Nowadays, latest technology that we use in making artificial teeth is good enough to avoid such accidents. In this case, the unfortunate part was the delay in reporting to the hospital. Those using artificial teeth should take care of such accidents,” he said.
According to Indian Dental Association (IDA) Nagpur’s president Dr Vaibhav Karemore, it is very rare as well as difficult to swallow an entire teeth. “Injuries, impacts, falls, or being unconscious can cause swallowing a fake tooth. We need to find out what must be the reason. Hardly a single artificial tooth can be swallowed, but size of a full set of false teeth would make dentures nearly impossible to fit down the throat,” he said.
Report to doctors in case of any loose-fitting of dental fixtures
Removable dentures have metal caps. So, they could cause heavy damage
Avoid household remedies like drinking water, eating bananas etc
Instead of making a small one tooth denture, get two or three teeth denture which is difficult to swallow
Don’t avoid loosening of dental cement and consult dentist immediately


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