Woman looking for cheaper dental procedure ends up with botched ‘piano keys’ teeth

A young woman who flew to Iran for some discount dental procedure was gutted as her teeth were left looking ‘like piano keys’.

Aida Azizii travelled to Tehran for a composite bonding because she had to pay £550 for 19 teeth, a price much lesser than what she was getting in her homeland.

Aida’s photos with her new set have now been widely shared online after she posted a TikTok video to talk about her ordeal. She was left with teeth that didn’t match and created difficulties for her to close her mouth.

The botched procedure not only changed her smile and appearance but also changed her voice, according to the project manager.

Aida explained that even after the procedure began, her dentist was initially busy with another patient. So, his assistant started the work.

“The composite bonding procedure cost £550 in total for 19 teeth to be done. When the procedure started, the dentist was still busy with another patient so his dental assistant started the work, she reassured me and kept telling me to trust her as she always does it and that it’s her job,”

Aida said she wasn’t able to eat after the procedure because her back teeth weren’t touching the tip of her tongue.

When she visited the dentist to fix the problems, once again it was the assistant who did most of the work.

She said she was lucky to find another dentist in Iran who was able to fix her teeth.


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