Windsor bakery donation to buy new paediatric dental surgery equipment

Windsor Regional Hospital is getting a helping hand from a Windsor bakery.

COBS Bread raised over $8,000 through its “Doughnation Day” in March and April, with the money going to a new Preva Mobile Dental X-Ray machine in the Paediatric Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Sandra Janzen, co-owner of COBS Bread, says both her sister and mother are nurses.

“For me to be able to help the hospital, especially now because there’s been so much pressure on hospitals to deliver the services in a meaningful way, this is our way of helping them to be able support the community that’s significant as well,” he says.

The machine, designed specifically to examine children’s teeth, will replace an older device that is 20-years-old. 

Jen Trkulja, Director, Perioperative Services at Windsor Regional Hospital, says a paediatric dentist will come in and perform dental worth while children are sedated.

“It helps on average to do three to four cases a day, every day, with a paediatric dentist. We operate five days a week and around 350 days a year, so it’s quite extensive,” she says. “Most machines last eight to ten years on average, so that one had well exceeded its life expectancy. This new machine is already in use and the doctors are very excited to have that piece of equipment.”

The new x-ray machine will provide state-of-the-art digital dental radiographs to help dentists detect fractures, advanced dental caries, dental abscesses and other abnormalities. 

The X-Ray machine is also instrumental for the diagnosis and treatment of special needs children and adults who are unable to let us know if and when a problem exists.

The current machine at Windsor Regional Hospital is used for 1,300 surgeries annually.

COBS Bread is located at 650 Division Rd #111.

With files from Rob Hindi


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