When To Opt For Veneers?

Veneers are white thin shells which cover the surface of teeth. The veneers offer an aesthetic benefit while enhancing the overall appearance of the face. However, the question is; Are they worth the cost and effort?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing veneers also offer other benefits. Veneers can be used alone or in conjunction with crowns to provide quite a few benefits. The aesthetic procedure requires very little chairside time making it overall a pleasant experience for the patient and often requires only two visits. 

Dental veneers if done properly can look natural and beautiful. However, there are certain factors which need to be kept in mind before deciding if you are the right candidate for it. Here are some reasons why opting for dental veneers is a good choice.

1. Alters The Tooth Shape

If you are someone who is bothered by the crooked appearance of their tooth then one of the simplest ways to correct it is by using veneers. The veneer covering can be contoured to modify the shape of the tooth making it look more natural while balancing the appearance of surrounding teeth. 

2. Hides Permanent Stains 

While there are many procedures which help removes stains on the teeth – they often come with certain reservations and side effects. Teeth whitening and bleaching offer great results however come at the expense of sensitivity. Likewise, topical agents including whitening strips might not remove intrinsic or stubborn stains. Veneers offer a great alternative to help restore the smile while covering the teeth with creating a more radiating appearance.

3. Protects Chipped Teeth 

A cracked or chipped tooth is often weaker than its normal counterpart. In such instances, an extra amount of strength is required to prevent breaking the teeth while chewing and biting. Veneers are strong enough to lessen the pressure on the tooth when chewing. That means the chip or crack is not likely to get worse. 

Meanwhile, veneers also cover the cracks and chipped areas further reducing the chances of breakage due to trauma or impact. 

4. Increases The Tooth Size 

The gaps within the teeth are often a result of a small tooth surface. These small teeth often lack interdental contacts resulting in gaps between the teeth. Since veneers can add an amount of bulk to the teeth, they can be used to plug in those gaps. This solution guarantees that the teeth still seem to be appropriately proportioned and look entirely natural. 

5. Smile Makeover

All in all, if you are looking for a smile makeover veneers are an option worth considering. The highly customised, gum-friendly, durable and stain-resistant option helps cover any sort of dental problems when combined with other dental procedures.

Are you thinking about getting dental veneers to repair damaged teeth and improve your appearance? If you are curious about what this process entails, you can talk to your dentist to get a detailed insight into the clear benefits that veneers can offer you. 


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