What questions are on the Massachusetts 2022 ballot?

When is election day 2022 in Massachusetts?

General election day is on November 8 across the country and in Massachusetts we will have four questions on the ballot, which relate to taxes, dental insurance, liquor licenses and driver’s licenses for undocumented people.

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What are the Massachusetts ballot questions?

We will have four questions on the ballot. They include:

The “Millionaire’s Tax”

This question is asking if the “Millionaire’s Tax” should be put into place. If passed, there would be an extra 4% tax on any Massachusetts resident’s personal income if it reaches over $1 million in any given tax year. Opponents of the measure have been slamming those supporting this tax increase because marketing around it has been misleading in that it is for “millionaires”, rather than people earning over 1 million in any given year. And in Massachusetts, we currently have a surplus in our budget, which caused the state to be required to return 13% of what each taxpayer paid in 2021. However, proponents of this tax argue that the projected $1.5 billion raised by the new taxes would be used for education and transportation.

Regulation of dental insurance

The second question would force dental insurers to spend at least 83% of revenue from premiums on patient care or provide refunds. Regulation like this in the dental insurance field is currently unprecedented and no other state currently has laws around this issue. Dentists are the main proponents of this bill and opponents argue that it will hurt consumers, not benefit them, because the cost of insurance premiums would rise. 

Expanding liquor licenses 

The third ballot question is about expanding how many liquor licenses a single person can hold to a total of 18. Seven of those licenses would allow the sale of all liquor and spirits, the rest would allow for just the sale of beer and wine. This is for liquor stores and not restaurants, i.e. consumption off premises. A yes vote on this question also prohibits purchase of alcohol at self-checkout stations. 

Driver’s licenses for undocumented people

The last questions asks if Massachusetts should keep or repeal its new law allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses. If it is kept, it goes into effect next year. The new law stats that people in Massachusetts without legal status would be able to apply for a driver’s license starting July 1, 2023 if they can provide the Registry of Motor Vehicles with a foreign passport. They would also have to provide one of these additional documents: a driver’s license from another U.S. state or territory, a birth certificate, a foreign national identification card, a foreign driver’s license or a marriage certificate or divorce decree from any U.S. state or territory.

Where can I vote?

For more info on how to register to vote, where to find your polling place and more information on voting in Massachusetts head to Mass.gov.

How late do polling places stay open?

Polls are open from 7am-8pm on November 8.

Where should you go to celebrate voting?

Everyone should have their voice heard! And everyone should celebrate taking part in the Democratic process by visiting one of the best restaurants in Boston! And maybe afterwards head to one of the best bars in Boston!


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