What our teeth say about class, beauty standards and health care in the U.S.

When you look in the mirror at your smile, what do you see? Do you see straight, white teeth, perfected by years of braces and retainers? Are your teeth a little crooked? Do you have gaps or maybe a few missing?

What our teeth look like can say a lot about class, wealth and beauty standards in the United States. About 60 million Americans live in areas with a shortage of dental care, and access to oral health care largely depends on economic status.

Coming up at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, MPR News host Angela Davis discusses who can and cannot access oral health care in our country, and why Americans are so obsessed with perfect pearly whites.

And we want to hear from you, our listeners: How do you feel about your teeth? Did you have regular visits to the dentist when you were growing up? Was your family able to afford braces and other cosmetic procedures? Or was dental care too expensive? How do you feel about going to the dentist now? Call us at 651-227-6000 during the 9 a.m. hour, or tweet @AngelaDavisMPR.



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