What Causes Root Infections?

Root infection is a clinical problem that is caused by bacteria residing in the oral cavity. The bacteria can travel down the pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels. Once the bacteria reach the pulp they can cause inflammation, infection, and pain. 

The root canal infection can develop over time. In some conditions the patient can develop pain and infection right away, in other instances it can worsen without any symptoms over time. While the symptoms and the outcome in most root infections vary, the root cause behind root infections is always the same i.e, a broken tooth.

Causes Of Root Infections 

Root canal infections can be caused by one of the following reasons. 

1 Cracked Or Chipped Tooth 

In cases when there is no clinical evidence of caries yet the patient’s symptoms coincide with the symptoms of infection the chances are the patient is suffering from cracked tooth syndrome. In this condition, the enamel surface develops micro-cracks that are not visible to the naked eye. Over time fluid and bacteria can leak through the cracks and reaches the pulp. The inadequate cleaning results in the buildup of bacteria which can overwhelm the pulpal system leading to infection.

2. Caries 

Caries are among the most common causes behind an infectious root. The bacteria in the carious lesion can destroy the pulp and dentine. Once there is significant destruction of the hard structures the bacteria end up entering the pulp. Once it reaches the pulp the production of certain chemicals by bacteria ensues pulpal infection.

3. Recurrent Caries

Recurrent caries is another significant cause of pulpal infection. Recurrent caries is often seen in teeth that are already restored. The development of carious lesion in such teeth can often result in pulpal infection.

4. Poor Dental Prosthesis 

Dental prosthetics are a great way to treat dental deformities. However, if not placed properly they can lead to dental problems and often infection. The margins of these prosthesis ensure that their no leakage of fluid and bacteria to the dental pulp. In instances where these margins are developed poorly, the repeated exposure to bacteria can result in a root canal infection.

There are many clinical reasons behind a root canal infection. While regular hygiene meausres ensure that the tooth doesn’t get infected. It is always advised to get yourself checked once a year to eliminate any possible causes of tooth infection.


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