Veterinary Dentistry Specialists in Chadds Ford, PA welcomes new clinical team members

Only US dentistry practice with board-certified veterinary dentist and board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist both working full-time

Veterinary Dentistry Specialists in Chadds Ford, PA, a full-service advanced dental care practice for companion animals, has added to its his clinical team to meet the post-COVID demand for services.

According to a company release,1 VDS Chadds Ford is among the only US dentistry practices with both a full-time, board-certified veterinary dentist and full-time, board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist available.

The following team members will be joining co-owner John Lewis, VMD, DAVDC, FF-OMFS and longtime associate Marissa Berman, DVM (Practice Limited to Dentistry):

  • Kelly Saverino, DVM, DAVDC: Saverino’s interests include maxillofacial oncologic surgery and periodontal therapy. Additionally, she serves as the director of the VDS Residency Program. She became a board-certified veterinary dentist in 2019.
  • Melanie Jarrett, DVM DACVAA: Jarrett became a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist in 2017 after extensive training. Prior to VDS, she worked at a multidisciplinary private veterinary specialty practice for many years.
  • Becca Feuer, DVM, Dentistry Resident: Feuer became a member of the VDS team in 2022 for a Dentistry and Oral Surgery residency. She has a background in animal behavior and dog training, and is Fear Free Certified and values the importance of low-stress handling in the clinic setting.

“Our clients come from all walks of life and many from miles away. But what they all have in common is a beloved pet with significant oral health needs, so It’s important to find the right people as we grow – those who truly understand that pets are cherished family members,” stated Lewis, in the release.1

“We have an exceptional team of highly talented and dedicated professionals who are passionate about pet dental health and providing first-class service. We will continue to build on that strength as we hire more team members, including certified veterinary technicians and client service representatives.”

Though dental disease is rampant in companion animals, there are only around 200 board-certified veterinary dentists and 295 board-certified veterinary anesthesiologists in the nation.1 Thus, this makes the combination of dentistry and anesthesia expertise at VDS unique and offers a safe, comfortable experience.

VDS provides advanced services for orofacial conditions and diseases affecting the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face. These include tooth restoration, periodontal surgery, oral oncologic surgery, jaw fracture repair, salivary gland surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, palate surgery, and more.


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