UDH improves standards for cross-infection control

LAHORE: The Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry, University Dental Hospital (UDH), The University of Lahore, reinforced the cross infection control protocols amongst the paramedical staff, young dentists and housekeeping staff through a series of workshops.

The purpose of these workshops was to identify the shortcomings, if any, in the daily workings of the participants and to rectify those shortcomings. These workshops were helmed by Dr Sadiq Ali (Director Clinics, UDH) along with faculty members of the Community and Preventive Dentistry Department (Dr Zunaira Iqbal, Senior Lecturer and Dr Naiha Muzamil, Demonstrator).

The sessions featured a scenario-based questionnaire that inquired about various situations and the relevant protocols and measures. Following this were presentations on the subject of cross-infection control. Multiple presenters discussed various elements of diseases, including their route of transmission, their capacity to contaminate, and methods for disinfecting or sterilising these contaminations. The attendees were instructed on the significance of personal protective equipment and its disposal. In addition, they were reintroduced to various sterilisation and disinfection techniques for instruments and the operating room.

Prof. Dr Riaz Ahmad Warraich, Principal University College of Dentistry, and the administration praised the department together with Dr Sadiq and his colleagues for organising and completing a significant workshop series. The participants also complimented the organising team for holding the workshops, as they believed that addressing this crucial topic made them more vigilant with regard to cross-infection management.


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