Turkish researchers on verge to revolutionise dental care

ANKARA: Turkish scientists have created a new treatment based on the usage of the body’s proteins to strengthen the jawbone and teeth structure in order to accelerate the healing process following dental procedures.

Dr Aylin Sepici Dincel, Dr Altay Uludamar, and Dr Erdal Ergunol’s three-and-a-half-year research effort have finally paid off, as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has approved the use of the method, which will be protected by patent rights in 156 countries.

According to Uludamar, the project is on track as successful animal trials of the fresh treatment approach have been concluded and phase studies are currently ongoing. The objective is to minimise tooth loss and decrease the recovery period of difficult dental treatments. Uludamar added that the protein recovered from the patient’s body might be used for therapies that could be applied locally. The treatment) would enable speedier healing and formation of the high-quality bone structure via the body’s own mechanism, he said.

Further, he stated that repair of bone tissue caused by gingival disorders might be conceivable if additional progress was made and tooth loss was reduced.

Their experimental tests are underway, and they intend to initiate clinical trials as soon as feasible. Dr Altay also stated that the WIPO report assessed the treatment method as “new, original, and industrially applicable” and that Turkish scientists would be the first to adopt this technique. He emphasised that obtaining an international patent in health-related industries was extremely difficult.


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