Trust your dentist, not Titok for bright, clean smile | News 19 Daybreak

WAUSAU (WAOW) – The Wisconsin Dental Association is urging the public to use caution and check with a dentist before trying any viral dental health trends seen on social media platforms.

Many of the remedies for whitening your teeth could have major effects on the enamel, which dentists say can leave permanent damage behind.

Their main advice: Don’t believe everything you see online.

“We see trends, or new fads, or advice coming from the internet and a lot of that advice isn’t referenced,” said Ryan Dulde, general dentist for the Wisconsin Dental Association. “It isn’t backed by any type of research or been proven. So we always encourage consumers and patients to take everything with a grain of salt and use your head.”

Some of the ‘trends’ seen online include, using orange peels on your teeth or drinking so-called ‘healthy’ soda, which doesn’t exist.

The WDA’s best recommendation is to talk to your dentist for treatment specific to your needs.


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