Texas Mission of Mercy to provide free dental services

Volunteers needed

Fannin County, Texas — Team leaders met to begin the nuts and bolts planning to implement a TMOM and Dental SMILES event in Fannin County and the surrounding region.

On April 14th & 15th, 2023, Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) will be providing charitable basic dental care to residents of Fannin County and surrounding areas who have limited resources and/or access to dental care.

This 2-day event will take place at the Multipurpose Complex located at 700 FM 87 in Bonham, Texas (hours of operation to be determined). 

Services may include: pain and infection prevention by delivering extractions, fillings and cleanings.  In some cases, they may be able to replace missing front teeth or repair a partial denture.

Nothing beats a happy and healthy smile so, although there are professionals and individuals who currently support TMOM, they are still searching for compassionate dental professionals and citizens who wish to serve.

Volunteers will be needed for many capacities and are not required to have any specialized training in the area of dentistry. For more information on the TMOM Mission or to register to become a supporter and/or volunteer, please reach out to Community Lead Laurine Blake via email at ljblake@fanninco.net, call (903) 583-2863 or visit https://www.tdasmiles.org/texas-mission-of-mercy.

TMOM First Kick-Off Meeting Held 09/13/2022

Pictured Standing L to R: Dale McQueen, Clark and Denise Sanderson, Bonham Police Captain Wendell Bockman, Director Juvenile Services Brandon Caffee, Attorney Jessica McDonald, Judge Lauri Blake, Director Children’s Center of Fannin County Sandy Barber, Pastor Dana Coker and Sean Floyd, RN.
Pictured Sitting L to R: Bonham City Councilman John Burnett, Fannin County Judge Randy Moore, Dr. Beth Goldman, Executive Director North Texas Dental Society Lisa McLerran, Dr. Henry Liao and Jeri Lea Johnson


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