Texas doctor inspired his kids to become a doctor, dentist

While both brother and sister started their journey from a love of science, they say that it was their father who inspired them.

BEAUMONT, Texas — The phrase “taking after your family” has a whole new meaning when it comes to the Victores family.

Beaumont dentist Nina Victores is the newest addition to a family of Southeast Texas of medical practitioners.

Victores, who is the third in her family to go into health care, recently opened her own dental practice one floor down from her father Dr. Ruben Victores, an OB-GYN. Their offices are just down the road from her brother Dr. Andrew Victores, who practices as an ear, nose and throat doctor.

“Yes, I do brag because I’m very proud of them,” her father says, adding, “This is the third generation in the medical field.”

Event though her father and brother chose to become MDs she was drawn to dentistry.

“I definitely was interested in medicine and I shadowed a lot of different types of doctors and I found that dentistry was my passion,” said Nina Victores.

While both she and her brother, Andrew, started their journey from a love of science, they say that it was their father who inspired them.

“He definitely was an inspiration and a good role model,” her brother says.

Their father, Ruben, says he caught the medical bug from his parents, who were both nurses, and he’s happy to pass the tradition along.

“The tradition goes back another generation before my generation,” he says.

Making their family tradition more special is the fact that they all get to serve their home community together.

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“We’re glad to give back to the community where we were raised,” Andrew says.

“This is the community we grew up in, so we love this community,” Victoria says.

Their father says he and his wife are just happy both of his children are back home in Southeast Texas.

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