Supervisors receive update on Chevy Chase paving project | News

White Township supervisors on Wednesday received an update on the Chevy Chase community paving project, with a projected start date at the end of next week.

The project would entail paving streets in the Chevy Chase area, according to township manager Chris Anderson during the supervisors meeting Wednesday.

“This will be paving the majority of streets in Chevy Chase community,” Anderson said. “It’s going to be repaved, all brand new.”

After completing phase three of the Chevy Chase stormwater project, White Township’s road department has been preparing for the paving contractor to arrive on site.

“Our crews in-house have been up in the Chevy Chase neighborhood doing some pre-work,” Anderson said. “Looking at a little bit of base, prepping some driveway cuts, maybe doing a little bit of paving work around some inlets. Just prepping for the paving contractor.”

The paving contractor is expected to arrive next week, according to Anderson, and the project could be completed two weeks after it commences.

“They’re really efficient,” Anderson said. “They come in and out really quick. … (The project) is going way fast, and I give credit to our crews. They busted here the last two weeks or so to get the roadwork done.”

In other news Wednesday, supervisors unanimously approved switching Accident, Death and Dismemberment insurance from Unum to The Standard for township employees.

Anderson said The Standard offered better benefits overall at a lesser rate.

“The Standard offers a better package,” Anderson said. “Total cost, though, annual total for Unum is $26,958.96. If we go with The Standard, the annual fee will be $18,385.20. So, it’s significant savings.”

Township supervisors also looked at switching dental insurance for township employees from Delta Dental to UPMC. Anderson said that dropping Delta Dental and piggy-backing on the township’s UPMC health insurance for vision and dental insurance would offer cost-savings for dental and slightly better coverage for vision at the same premium.

Anderson said that UPMC dental insurance covers many of the dentists in the area and that switching from Delta Dental to UPMC wouldn’t significantly affect anyone’s access to the dental care they want.

“Where (UPMC) is accepted, we did poll the participating dentists in Indiana, and there’s a lot of them. A lot,” Anderson said. “I don’t think there would be a significant change for anybody.”

The township must renew its UPMC health insurance plan by Aug. 1, giving supervisors some time to consider whether to combine health, vision and dental insurance into one package.

“I would recommend that we take a close look at this UPMC (plan) and consider it at maybe the next meeting,” supervisor Eugene Gemmell said.

Supervisors agreed to review the insurance plans over the next 30 days to determine whether to keep Delta Dental or combine insurance plans with UPMC.

Also Wednesday, township supervisors floated the idea of purchasing a new tractor to mow right-of-ways. Emissions from the township’s current Massey Ferguson tractor, which was purchased around 2012-14, are causing technical issues that make mowing much more time-consuming, Anderson explained.

“Typically, by this point in the season, we have everything mowed in the township,” Anderson said. “We’ve been having issues with that tractor in regards to emissions. There’s some solenoids and some sensors that keep tripping. It puts it into limp mode, so it comes at around 3 miles per hour back to the township building.”

Anderson said that purchasing and connecting new sensors to the township’s current tractor could cost upward of $2,800. Plus, the township’s current tractor could fetch a high price in the used goods market, according to Anderson, which is why he suggested looking into buying a new tractor.

“We are aware some of the right-of-ways have not been mowed,” Anderson said. “We’re working the best we can to get those cut. And … (we’ll) potentially start looking at a new tractor. I’ll update as we go forward on that process.”

White Township supervisors made a number of announcements Wednesday, including:

• The township received a new, 24-foot Rogers trailer for hauling.

• The Sewer Department received its inflatable shoring device.

• The sewer crew underwent a 20-minute demonstration on how to safely use the inflatable shoring device during sewer repairs.

• The township has issued 60 total building permits this year with eight still pending.

• Installers started replacing old carpeting from the township’s municipal office that had begun to fray.


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