Sterngold Dental in Attleboro celebrates 125 years in business — and smiles | Business

ATTLEBORO — Sterngold Dental, which has been located in the Attleboro Industrial Park since 1984, celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding this past week.

Prior to coming to Attleboro the company was located in New York state.

Invited to the ceremony on Tuesday were Mayor Paul Heroux, state Rep. Jim Hawkins, D-Attleboro, and Jack Lank, president of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The ceremony included the unveiling of a milestone wall showing the highlights of the company’s 125 years in business and its efforts to improve the dental health of individuals and their smiles.

Sterngold Dental is a medical device and dental supplies manufacturer and distributor.

“We are well known for our dental implants and attachments, in addition to our dental consumables,” Helga Melgar, director of marketing and communications, said in a news release.

The company’s website says its products improve the quality of life for many who need restorative dental work.

“We carry affordable, restorative dental products that, by nature, aim to enhance quality of life,” the website says. “More patients gain increased confidence, do more, enjoy more, and smile more, as an outcome.”

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