Solon sensory room is 1 of few in Ohio to reduce stress, anxiety for young dental patients

SOLON, Ohio (WOIO) – Soothing lights, relaxing music, even special carpet; it’s everything to relax anxious children before a dental visit with the goal of trying to reduce using drugs.

“If we can avoid general anesthesia or any form of sedation on kids, why not?,” says Dr. Shreya Modi. “The sensory room really helps for us to do that.”

Dr. Modi’s practice in Solon is one of the few in Ohio to dedicate this calming space. She introduces the dental tools in the relaxing environment while the doctor and patient spend five-to-seven minutes in the room.

Dr. Modi said she’s had patients from out-of-state use the facility, and even a 16-year-old non-verbal patient who used the room and didn’t need sedation for a cleaning for the first time.

“People thought that I was crazy,” she said. “Ultimately, it was really something I wanted to do because I knew that it was going to make a huge difference in how we treat our patients. And it has.”

She will also do house calls for reduce the stress of a trip to the dentist’s office, has a doll house of her office for role playing, and even has a kids’ advisory board.


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