Single-family home on Salisbury Street in Worcester lists for $2.9M

WORCESTER — If you happen to have nearly $3 million and a knack for dentistry, you could own the city’s most expensive property on the market. 

Listed more than two weeks ago, a 1925 building on 251 Salisbury St. was tagged at an eye-popping $2,899,000 for its spacious 8,456-square-foot total area across two floors of 11 rooms and five bathrooms. 

The building has been a mixed-use location for the past 12 years, where local dentist Dr. Peter Stathoulopoulos has used the first floor for his practice and the second floor as the residence for his family. 

For him, it is time to stop the whir of the dental drill and retire.  

Realtor Karynsue Marchione-Reilly at 251 Salisbury St., Worcester.

“The perfect buyer would be someone that’s gonna own the real estate and be a dentist and practice,” Stathoulopoulos said. “What better convenience to live upstairs and come downstairs and have your practice? The last 12 years have been unbelievable.” 

But, as home agent Karynsue Marchione-Reilly said, “You can do whatever you want with it.” 

The property is the most expensive single-family home on Zillow, and the third most expensive in the county behind a $4.5 million equestrian estate in Upton, and a $3 million home in Southborough. 

The property doesn’t have much outdoor space, topping off at 0.36 acres or 15,683 square feet. 

A dentist chair and office downstairs at 251 Salisbury St., Worcester.

However, it does have a two-car garage and a six-car outdoor car park. 

The building’s high Greek columns invite toward the main doors, which open into the main hallway of the living space.  

Two fireplaces

The kitchen appears to the right, while to the left, the living room manifests with its classic Greek style that is evident in its trimming along the line where the ceiling and the walls meet. 

The living room has the building’s one of the two fireplaces, which is hard to miss with its Greek Revival-style decorations. 

One of the fireplaces at 251 Salisbury St.

Stathoulopoulos used the space as the waiting area of his office, which still sports the typical sanitation smell of a dentist’s workspace. 

In two rooms, dental chairs are found still in silence along the equipment. All come with the property, making it a turnkey operation for someone looking to run a dentist’s office.  

The staircase in the main hallway leads into the living space that Stathoulopoulos used for himself and family. 

Plenty of character

Early 20th-century Gothic detailing defines the character of the residence with 1925 originals on woodwork that is obvious from the three bedrooms’ bed frames, down to the crystal knobs on each wooden door. 

The unique touches continue into the spacious family room, where wooden workings invite into a darker but comfortable space. 

Hand-carved fireplace detail at 251 Salisbury St., Worcester.

Descent into the basement is a travel back in time, with white tile walls curving above every entrance of the labyrinth.  

Behind a round steel door, the original furnace extends with dimensions big enough to have provided warmth in a different time for all 5,549 square feet of living space.  

“The house has all original hardwood floors, all original stained-glass windows, and with that you get everything that is operatory and turnkey for a dental business,” Marchione-Reilly said. 


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