Singer Ben Krezt Calls Out Nigerian Medical And Dental Council Over Discrimination

Singer Ben Krezt

August 11, (THEWILL) – Music artiste, Ben Krezt, has berated the Nigeria Medical and Dental Council for discrimination against some medical trainees, who just returned to Nigeria from Ukraine.

According to the music act, the association is bias, inconsiderate and cruel for saying that medical students who graduated during the war in Ukraine will not be allowed to write professional exams or function as doctors because a few of their courses were done online as a result of the war.

Their certificates were even rejected because of their online courses.

He asked the chairman of the council, Dr Hassan Abba Waziri, if the rule will still apply if his children are part of the unfortunate incident in Ukraine.

“Mr chairman of the council: Dr Hassan Abba Waziri, if your children were part of this unfortunate incident in Ukraine, will this same rule apply?

“Will you just discard your child’s certificate? After seven years in medical school and millions spent by my mom, who is a retired civil servant, someone will just wake up and say we can’t be doctors, so what should I be?”

He called on the association to allow those affected write their professional examination.

He added that the professional exam should determine who is competent and who is not.

He called on Nigerians to help in the fight so that their years of studies and hard work would not go down the drain.

“Let the professional exam determine who is competent and who is not. Not just a lousy decision by the leadership.

“I can’t imagine how we are willing and intellectually sound to function, yet the NMA refuses us the opportunity to contribute.

“We all know Nigeria is short of doctors, as doctors are resigning for better opportunities abroad, yet you refused those willing to serve because you feel you can. NMA, this is totally unacceptable and must be addressed”, he stated.


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