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To formally introduce you to the rebranding of Dr Stephen Harris’ former office. We felt it would be best to include a formal letter from the Doctor himself notifying you of the change.

Dear Dental Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter today to inform you that after much thought, 39 years of practicing dentistry is enough. Many of you have asked when I will be retiring and many have begged me not to retire. I can assure you that this is not an easy decision, but being able to spend more time with my family will be worth it.

Now for the best news…in my search for the right dentist to transition my practice to, I am pleased to introduce you to Dr. Regina Zekaj-Nrekaj. She is the perfect fit to continue providing you with excellent, individualized patient care that we have for all these years.

Dr. Regina has an 11-year track record of providing fine dentistry as I would expect from a University of Detroit Mercy graduate! I will be stepping back into a consulting role as she takes over the clinical dentistry.

Our current staff that has served you and me faithfully over the years will remain with Dr. Regina as the practice continues to grow. I’m excited to see what her energy brings to the office!

I can’t thank every one of you enough for your confidence, loyalty, and friendships throughout my career. They are my most cherished memories I’ll have forever.


Stephen R Harris DDS

With the conclusion of Dr. Harris’ kind words, it is time to introduce RZN Dental Care.

The Primary goal of RZN Dental care is to provide the absolute highest quality of dentistry for our patients. Our friendly atmosphere will put you at ease. With our conservative treatment planning approach, our goal is to maintain the health of your current smile for as long as possible. As a patient of RZN Dental care, you can be sure that caring for your health is our top priority.

Dr. Regina Nrekaj is a University of Detroit Mercy Graduate of the School of Dentistry. She is a Michigan native born and raised in the Greater Metro Detroit area. After achieving her doctorate, Dr. Nrekaj practiced in the State of Connecticut for 10 years. Despite the happiness, comfort, and beauty of New England, Michigan always was home, and Dr. Nrekaj returned back to Michigan in 2020. Since then she has been practicing locally in hopes of finding the perfect ideological fit for her practice.

Now that she has found the perfect fit in Dr. Harris’ practice, Dr. Nrekaj’s message in dentistry will resonate with all of her patients. Her goal that drives her every single morning, is to ensure the comfort and happiness of each and every single patient. That translates into an approach where she cares first and foremost about your oral well being, while taking a conservative treatment planning approach. This approach is to apply a delicate balance of precautionary and reactionary dentistry, so that we ensure only the work absolutely necessary to your overall oral health is being completed. All being done in the most delicate manner possible to ensure that your are comfortable throughout your visit.

 Our practice is located at 34024 West 8 Mile Rd Suite 106 Farmington Hills, MI 48335, and we are located in the back of the building. We are accepting new patients so, you can either book an appointment online or call 248-478-4755 today.

About RZN Dental Care

RZN Dental Care is the best dental office serving Oakland, Macomb, Wayne County Michigan. From dental hygiene, to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, RZN Dental Care has you covered. Your comfort and health are our priority.


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