Rishi Sunak’s take on dentistry

UK: Rishi Sunak responds to a question on dentistry in his first Prime Minister’s Question Time

The South Derbyshire MP, Heather Wheeler called for enhanced regulations to let foreigner dentists and physicians operate in the UK. 

To the British Medical Council and the British Dental Association, Heather Wheeler requested, “Will indeed my right respectable friend kindly use this – his first appearance in the dispatch box – to make it clear that, along with so much learning areas starting up, individuals should always allow more doctors and dentists to work in the UK so that the excellent individuals from South Derbyshire can undergo care on the NHS.”

Sunak emphasized that attempts are being made by the authorities to improve the registration process for international dentists. He continued, “I’m delighted that there are 3,500 more doctors and approximately 9,000 additional nurses working this year compared to last.”

But Heather Wheeler is right; we’re attempting to make it easier for dentists, especially to qualify to operate locally, even if they weren’t trained here. With this approach, we could assist the NHS in executing a long-term recruitment and selection policy and ensuring that every person has access to the treatment they deserve.

In particular, he stated that if he was appointed as a prime minister, he would indeed “reinstate NHS dentistry.” Establishing an “early diagnosis” strategy with inspections in primary schools was among his plans. Sunak previously indicated that he is mindful of the pressing necessity to address the problem dentistry is currently witnessing.

I drank a good amount of Coke while I was a kid, which is the reason I have seven fillings, the man claimed to ease the situation. He further said, I respect your anguish, and we actually need exceptional dental care. Everyone’s top objective in terms of public amenities is the NHS.


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