Remote Area Medical clinic comes to Augusta Expo Center

FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) – The Remote Area Medical clinic wrapped up its weekend providing free medical, vision and dental care to those in the Staunton, Augusta and Charlottesville areas.

The clinic was held at the Augusta Expo Center.

Care is provided to residents and no form of ID or insurance is required.

“There’s always a need no matter how many times were in an area. There’s always gonna be underserved or underinsured [people] who are looking for a place to get some services, so we help bridge the gap,” Michael Mayes, clinical coordinator for RAM said.

RAM doesn’t go where they aren’t invited, so it is up to community host groups to bring the clinic into their areas.

“Charlottesville is amazing, and they have a lot of really great resources and organizations that are there to help provide healthcare to the community there. But as soon as you go outside of Charlottesville, there starts to be a little bit of a gap,” Katherine Ladocsi, president of the UVA RAM chapter.

Ladocsi said it’s a need in the community, but also something as community hosts wanted to offer.

“As people who live in Charlottesville, we take a lot from the communities around us … so it’s really nice to give back, and we want to do that but it’s also we saw a need,” Ladocsi said.

Ladocsi said this is something they are hoping to do every two years in the Charlottesville and Augusta County areas.

Mayes said RAM is always looking for help across the country.

To sign up to be a neighbor helping neighbors or to look at 2023′s schedule you can visit RAM’s website.


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