Remington College offering free dental cleanings for children

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Visiting the dentist can often fall to the back burner especially if you don’t have the money to pay for a cleaning or have insurance that covers it.

Remington College is hoping to give families some financial relief by offering free dental cleaning for children under the age of 14 until Dec. 16.

Alysa Virgin took advantage of the free service and signed up her daughter to receive a cleaning. She said it definitely helps her at a time when it matters most.

“Definitely during this time when there is inflation and a lot of added costs in different places, it’s so nice to know that there is this free service,” she said.

The school is hoping to help hundreds of other children walk out with a brighter smile, too.

“Their first dental visit is free, so any work that they need done during that appointment is going to be free for them,” Melissa Boyce, dental hygienist at Remington College said.

For families with no health insurance, a visit like this can be essential.

“This is a very affordable way to be able to come in and get their teeth cleaned and hopefully help them maintain a healthy mouth, which also helps to maintain their body health as well,” Boyce said.

She said the help goes both ways. While people get discounted services, students on track to become dental hygienists, get the experience they need.

“It’s a two-year program for them. At the end of that two years, they have to take a written exam and a clinical exam in order to get their license,” she said.

All students are supervised by career professionals while they work on patients and while services for adults aren’t free they are significantly reduced.

To sign up for an appointment you can do so by calling 615-493-9398.


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