Regulatory Panel Keeps Med, Dental Fees Unchanged Till 2024 | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: The fee regulatory committee for medical colleges announced that the fee structures of medical and dental courses for year 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 have been kept unchanged from 2021-22 due to pandemic situation.
“While determining the fee structures of the institutions, the committee has kept in view the hardships caused to students and parents due to circumstances that were prevailing in the recent past and to some extent currently also,” the committee’s order dated July 25, states.
The committee said that Covid-19 pandemic caused disastrous effects on the world economy including India. “With the income dwindling, the parents of students find it difficult to discharge their obligation to pay the tuition fees of their children,” the statement says.
The committee took into account that in this financially difficult situation, parents of the students also had to buy their wards new phones and laptops and spend extra to upgrade their data plans as the academic activity was mostly online. “As against that the students were deprived of all other facilities such as high tech classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries with good collection of books and journals and faculty consultations. As a result of all this, students’ education has suffered to a considerable extent,” the committee said.
The committee reasoned that as the institutes conducted educational activity online it “resulted in reduction in cost of electricity, laboratory materials, library and other facilities as reflected in the data furnished by the institutions.”
“There were many representations on not raising fees for medical and dental students because of the pandemic situation. The committee understood these demands and has decided not to raise the fees for a three-year period till 2023-24,” a member of the committee said on condition of anonymity. The official said that the committee will observe the situation and decide whether to raise fees after 2023-24 or not.


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