Public medical, dental colleges admissions start Oct 17: PMC

ISLAMABAD:  The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) decided that the admissions process for public medical colleges will commence on October 17, 2022, and that the entire process, including the allocation of special seats, will be finished by December 31, 2022.

At the meeting of the National Admissions Scheduling Committee of the PMC, which was convened here to decide the medical and dental college admission calendar for 2022-23, the committee members came to a conclusion supported by a majority of the attendees.

In addition, it has been decided that the last day for students to be accepted into any private medical schools would be January 31, 2023.

After then, the last day for new students to be accepted into public dental schools will be February 14, 2023, while the last day for new students to be accepted into private dental schools will be February 28, 2023. The statutes had allowed schools and universities to begin the application process any time after May 2022.

Over 200,000 students from Pakistan and other countries have registered to take the MDCAT exam, and the results will be published on October 7, 2022. Students who took the MDCAT in 2021 will be able to use their results from the 2021 exam after they have been converted to the scores for the 2022 exam when they apply for admission.

For admission to public universities, the merit system will be defined by each province or territory and will depend on the student’s score on the MDCAT. The minimum score required for medical schools is 65%, and the minimum score required for dentistry schools is 55%.

The determination was arrived at during the National Admissions Scheduling Committee meeting.

The MDCAT scores of applicants who have once again shown their eligibility for medical and dentistry programmes are considered when private institutions and universities determine their own admissions requirements and standards.

Following the regulations of the Medical and Dental Council, the National Admissions Scheduling Committee is comprised of a total of eleven individuals.

Earlier this year, the Pakistan Medical Commission developed regulations for the formation of the National Admission Scheduling Committee as part of ongoing efforts to develop standards for medical and dentistry colleges based on agreement. These efforts are part of an ongoing initiative.

The committee is made up of provincial delegates who are in charge of representing public colleges as well as representatives from private medical and dental colleges.

It was needed that nominations be submitted from each and every private medical and dentistry school.

The committee was briefed on the identities of the two people who had garnered the largest number of nominations from medical and dentistry schools.


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