Providence clinic offers free dental care to some residents

Providence, R.I. (WPRI) — Several people were lining up on Prairie Avenue in Providence to get free dental care. 

The Rhode Island Mission of Mercy event started early Saturday morning at the Providence Community Health Centers. 

It is the first time the clinic, which hopes to help vulnerable people without access to dental care, has been held since the pandemic began. 

Jeffrey Dodge, a dentist and founder of the event, spoke about the types of procedures they were offering. 

“We can’t do all phases of dentistry, but our main aim is to get people out of pain and try to prevent infections and prevent them from having to go to the emergency room. So, we’re able to extract teeth, we’re able to do fillings and we can even do some limited root canals on some of the upper front teeth.” Said Dodge 

The clinic is available again tomorrow. Doors open at 5:45 AM but people may begin lining up at 5 AM. 


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