PM to elect new members, NLE and MDCAT issue resolved

Islamabad: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif has removed all the core members of the Pakistan Medical Commission on 19TH August 2022. New members for the commission shall be appointed in the coming days.

While the issue of the PMDC Bill 2022 is awaiting the green signal by the Parliament, PM Shahbaz Sharif shall appoint new members to the medical regulatory body.

This has raised concern for the students, set to give their NLE and MDCAT exams this year. The political turmoil has caused bewildered students to stress over the future of their careers and education.

Speaking to Dr Ayyaz on the situation, he said “We have been informed that all decisions passed by the PMC, shall continue as scheduled. The interim administration does not have the authority to undo matters.”

The NLE and MDCAT exams; shall be on schedule unless announced otherwise. All exams and processes shall be on schedule during the period of appointment of the new members of PMC, which is predicted to go on for the next two to three months. Therefore, any decision made prior to the removal of PMC members shall remain as is.

Regarding the question of whether PMDC will come back in place of PMC, Dr Ayyaz said that it is unclear what the future holds since this, is a political matter.


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