Ottawa lawyer-dental pro unveils software that boosts practice performance

OTTAWA, ON, Sept. 9, 2022 /CNW/ – Business lawyer and dental professional Karen Ergus unveiled a new app designed to deliver a dental practice team that’s productive and devoted to a standard of care that meets their codes of ethics.

“My goal with the app is to help dental practices achieve revenue performance goals and the highest standards of care,” said Ms. Ergus, a lawyer and long-time dental hygienist who offers conflict management and training services.

With 37+ years of experience in the dental arena and the practice of law, Ergus is uniquely qualified to help guide businesses in enhancing professionalism. She has considerable experience in building rapport with fellow staff and patients, fielding complaints and designing user-friendly practice software.

“Most dental practice management software collects data related to overall performance, but not lost revenues,” says Ms. Ergus. Typically, data is collected as part of a practice’s legal and professional requirements for patient care and dental insurance claims.

“What’s missing is tracking the relationship between time management issues and its impact on revenues and standards of care as well as any legal issues that can be dealt with proactively,” Ergus notes.

“The problem is, once the consultants are gone, the service providers are left to sustain the suggested improvements,” says Ergus. “With no real attempt at permanent behaviour change, they tend to fall back on old habits.”

Enter DenTyme – an application designed to help service providers be accountable, motivated and productive. DenTyme aims to help staff achieve performance goals by modifying behaviours over time ― and making them stick.

Here’s how DenTyme shines:

  • It analyzes and delivers reports on dental providers’ performance.
  • It analyzes data input by providers to help leverage the fee guide by comparing this data to from the practice operator, delivering insight into areas where the operator may have under or over-billed a client.
  • It can maximize time efficiency for clients.
  • It’s designed to be staff-friendly and educational.
  • It helps patients give feedback regarding services.
  • It can reduce regulatory complaints.
  • Performance metrics and reports can be used as the foundation for staff evaluations.
  • The learning resources provide up-to-date legal and dental information.

“When it comes to maximizing efficiency, and productivity ― while maintaining and attracting clients ― I’m confident DenTyme will deliver,” said Ms. Ergus.


For further information: Karen Ergus, Barrister & Solicitor, RDH, ADR, JD, 613-716-2304,,


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