Oral health awareness and dental checkup session at JS Academy for Deaf

An Oral Health Awareness & Dental Checkup Session at JS Academy for the Deaf by BUDC

Karachi: In light of the oral health promotion initiative , an interactive oral health awareness and free dental checkup visit were arranged at JS Academy for deaf Noor e Ali trust on 31st August 2022. 


Oral health promotion aims to prevent oral health disease before it occurs or to reduce the impact of oral health disease. Oral health promotion has been advocated for a disadvantaged and special population where resources, manpower, and dexterity are scarce. 

The BUDC Health Care Professional (HCP) team participated in the activity. The team comprised Prof Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi (Vice-Principal & Head of Community Dentistry Department), Dr Maria Moin as Assistant Professor, Dr Mohsin Haider as Senior Lecturer, and Dr Hajra Asghar as Lecturer in the Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry and Dr Mariam Wasif, Dr Aimen Iftikhar, Dr Leeza Tarrar as House Officers along with students of second year BDS.

The BUDC, HCP team reached the school at 9:30 am. The BUDC team was cordially greeted by the school principal and showed them around the campus. The target audience consists of 130 deaf children, with age range 6-12 years. The dental checkup was carried out by students of 2nd year BDS, supervised by faculty members and house officers. The children were accompanied by their teachers who communicated the questions to the deaf children via sign language. The children were given tooth brushing demonstration and other oral hygiene maintenance instructions. The information was conveyed through videos, presentations with basic knowledge and lively interaction that was filled with fun and entertainment keeping in view the age of the recipients. .

Dental checkup was provided to all students and the oral health condition was recorded on validated WHO forms. The dental team was well dressed professionally and used proper sterilisation and cross infection protocols. Children were also given oral hygiene kits at the end of the program as an incentive sponsored by Colgate Pakistan. 

The overall oral condition of these special children was considered good. The school Principal and staff members were very pleased with the Oral Health activity at their school and had their queries and problems addressed. The BUDC team looks forwards to conduct more of such oral health education and promotional awareness sessions. It was a good learning experience for both the school and the dental team at both ends. 



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