NHS dentistry hanging by a thread with immense cost-cutting  

UK: National Health Services (NHS) is being widely criticized for the heavy cost-cutting in their health budget. Experts fear any more cost-cutting will completely diminish the dental sector.

The chancellor commented on the issue saying he is to yet find the thousands of pounds of savings in the health budget after Prime Minister Lizz Truss’s suggested economic plan. However, the Prime Minister has now announced her resignation from her position.

The British Dental Association said in their email that since the dental sector of the NHS has already faced monetary cuts in the last year, further reductions will initiate its disintegration.

“In blunt terms, NHS dentistry is approaching the end of the road,” said Martin Woodrow, the CEO of the British Dental Association.

The UK government and dental regulatory bodies are of the unanimous opinion that UK lacks in its NHS dental force, while waiting lists have appointments scheduled after a 26-month-long wait, these numbers are likely to become more and more worrisome if NHS doesn’t increase the number of dentists in their workforce.


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