New townhomes proposed for city’s southwest | Local news

A new townhouse development is being proposed for the city’s southwest side.

Details about the development, such as how many units or what the townhomes will look like, are scant at the moment, but what is known is a developer is targeting a more than two-acre plot just east of Ladd Dental, 2333 W. Lincoln Road.

The Kokomo Plan Commission voted 5-2 last week to give the rezoning of the property from office commercial to general multifamily residential a favorable recommendation to the Kokomo City Council, which will have the final say on the rezoning request. Commission members Kelly Barker and Cathy Stover voted no.

If the rezoning goes through, the project will need to also get development plan approval from the Plan Commission at a later date. That will provide many of the unanswered details for the development.

But for now, all that is known was given by Torri Tripp, of Converse-based Tripp Engineering, the engineering firm for the project.

When asked how many units there would be, Tripp said she could not say because it depends on how the site will be laid out. She did say, however, that the developer said each townhome will be multistory and have garages on the bottom. The developer also said there will likely be no more than four units per building and that the parking lot that currently exists on the lot will be removed.

The development also hinges on the project receiving an easement to get access to the road that connects Lincoln Avenue and West Dixon Road, which is used by both visitors to Ladd Dental and the adjacent doctors’ offices. That would be uses as the entrance and exit for the townhome development. Tripp added that the developer has an offer to purchase the empty land just south of Ladd Dental.

The development received some opposition from nearby homeowners part of the Executive Place of Westbrook Homeowners Association.

Maureen Jaenicke, secretary for the HOA, said residents’ major concerns were the effect the planned townhomes would have on the neighborhood’s property values, increased traffic and possibly crime. Speaking on behalf of the HOA, she said they want the rezoning request denied.

“We work diligently to keep our properties neat so the area has a positive street appeal,” Jaenicke said. “Having townhomes looming behind us will distract from that positive appeal.”


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