New Analysis from Global Industry Analysts Reveals Steady Growth for Orthodontic Supplies, with the Market to Reach $10.8 Billion Worldwide by 2026

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Edition: 20; Released: April 2022
Executive Pool: 1962
Companies: 131 – Players covered include 3M Unitek; Align Technology, Inc.; American Orthodontics; Institut Straumann AG; DENTAURUM GmbH & Co. KG; DB Orthodontics Ltd; Dentsply Sirona, Inc.; G&H Orthodontics, Inc.; Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.; Henry Schein Orthodontics; Ormco Corporation; Rocky Mountain Orthodontics; TP Orthodontics, Inc. and Others.
Coverage: All major geographies and key segments
Segments: Product (Fixed Braces, Removable Braces, Orthodontic Adhesives, Accessories); End-Use (Children & Teenagers, Adults)
Geographies: World; USA; Canada; Japan; China; Europe; France; Germany; Italy; UK; Spain; Russia; Rest of Europe; Asia-Pacific; Australia; India; South Korea; Rest of Asia-Pacific; Latin America; Argentina; Brazil; Mexico; Rest of Latin America; Middle East; Iran; Israel; Saudi Arabia; UAE; Rest of Middle East; Africa.

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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Orthodontic Supplies estimated at US$7.5 Billion in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US$10.8 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.8% over the analysis period. Fixed Braces, one of the segments analyzed in the report, is projected to grow at a 5.7% CAGR, while growth in the Removable Braces segment is readjusted to a revised 15.5% CAGR.   Orthodontic supplies for the oral care industry is a thriving market. Continued technological advancements add more impetus to market growth. Teeth misalignment is witnessing increasing prevalence and this represents one of the major factors driving demand for orthodontic supplies. The expanding pool of patients suffering from dental conditions such as tooth decay or loss, jaw pain and misalignment, malocclusions and bite imperfections are enhancing demand for orthodontic treatments, thus aiding growth of the orthodontic supplies market. Rising awareness about oral health hygiene and malocclusions among people in both developed and developing nations and the trend towards cosmetic dentistry amidst enhanced focus on facial aesthetics are also fostering growth in the orthodontic supplies market. Gains will also be spurred by market-driven factors such as rising consumer disposable incomes in developing countries, increasing per capita spends on appearance enhancing products and solutions, rise in the number of dental clinics, and growing social acceptance of procedures aimed at enhancing facial aesthetic appeal.

The growing volume of orthodontic procedures being performed among adolescents, technological advancements in the orthodontics specialty are also driving demand for a variety of orthodontic supplies. Demand for orthodontic procedures is also attributed to the growing popularity of invisible braces among both adults and teenagers. The expanding dental tourism industry presents another opportunity for the orthodontic supplies market across developing regions. The booming cosmetic dentistry market represents a significant growth driver for the market, as more and more people seek therapies and procedures aimed at enhancing physical appearance by improving alignment of gums, bite and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry continues to gain popularity led by the increasing affluence of people, whereby an increasing proportion of the population is now in a position to avail not just corrective treatment procedures but also cosmetic procedures, presenting considerable opportunities for the orthodontic supplies market. Besides alignment of teeth, focus of cosmetic orthodontic treatment is also on changing the color and shape of teeth. There is high demand for aesthetic orthodontic procedures among adults and teenagers, thus contributing to the rising demand for orthodontic devices and supplies. In particular, teenagers are increasingly opting for corrective dental procedures involving braces and archwires. With the number of patients opting for specialized orthodontic products such as transparent braces during cosmetic dental treatments continuing to growth, demand for orthodontic supplies is expected to witness strong growth over the coming years. Technological advancements are also playing a critical part in cosmetic orthodontic treatments, with products such as transparent brackets, colored brackets and lingual brackets enhancing physical appearance of patients. Driven by the growing desire of individuals to improve facial aesthetics appearance, the demand for orthodontic treatments continues to rise, thus fueling sales of orthodontic supplies.

The rapid increase in DMFT index in developing economies is significantly influencing the orthodontics supplies market. Expanding middle class population and increasing disposable incomes of people, growing access to dental care services, and expanding infrastructure for dental services across emerging economies are enabling patients to seek orthodontic treatments, thus accelerating demand for orthodontic supplies. Developing economies are also beginning to witness growing demand for invisible braces, especially among the teenagers. Developing regions also benefit from the steady growth in dental tourism in countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, mainly due to the relatively low cost of procedures in comparison to orthodontic treatments performed in developed countries. Emerging economies of Asia-Pacific thus present tremendous opportunities for vendors to expand their operations, given the huge unmet needs for orthodontic treatments in the region along with the increasing popularity of orthodontic treatments in adults and teenagers.

Increasing awareness among people about advanced orthodontic treatments and the development of advanced orthodontic products promising better outcomes are driving demand for orthodontic supplies. Steady pace of technology advancements over the years has been and will continue to be a major growth influencing factor in the orthodontic supplies market. Driven by these advancements, there has been a considerable reduction in the treatment time and associated pain, while treatment outcomes and efficiencies have improved considerably. For example advances in the field of digital X-rays are enabling dentists and orthodontists to make more informed decisions. The increasing use of digital technologies in orthodontics discipline is expected to translate into better outcomes and improved profitability. Among the most notable advancements in the orthodontics market is the launch of invisible clear aligners, in particular Invisalign that is manufactured by Align Technology. The invisible aligners are capable of aligning the teeth without the need to use braces, mini-implants and mini-screws. Another major advancement is in the development of lingual braces, referring to braces that are hidden as they are placed behind the teeth. The significant advantages offered by technologically advanced orthodontic products over traditional products is leading to their wider adoption among orthodontists and patients, thus fueling growth in the orthodontic supplies market. Advancements in materials, procedures and techniques, which pave the way for cost-effective and faster treatment methods, are expected to propel adoption of orthodontic procedures and products. In the US, more than 10,500 orthodontists are engaged in providing orthodontic services. Class I and II malocclusions account for a predominant share of all the case starts. Malocclusions are primarily treated using braces, involving metal wires and brackets, with elastics, headgear and metal bands are used for enhance these braces. With improved aesthetics becoming a major focus of patients, there is increased demand for ceramic and tooth-colored brackets.

The market is however being restrained by the threat of risks and complications, such as discomfort, bruises, gingivitis, tooth root resorption, and white spots on surface, during or after orthodontic procedures. The unfavorable reimbursement policies for orthodontic procedures, lack of adequate insurance coverage for the procedures and high degree of complexity associated with the treatments are also impeding market growth. The general lack of awareness among people about orthodontic procedures to correct malocclusions, especially in developing economies, is also hampering market growth. In developing and low-income nations, there is a lethargic attitude towards dental care, which is also presenting challenges for the orthodontic supplies market. These countries are also characterized by low awareness about dental treatments and limited access to dental healthcare services and inadequate dental facilities specifically in rural areas are preventing adoption of orthodontic treatments. The adoption of orthodontic procedures is also impacted by the cost of advanced orthodontic treatment procedures, which is relatively high for average users. The lack of ‘essentiality’ could also restrict orthodontic treatments to be restricted only to highly necessary procedures over the coming years. The market is also being impacted by the influx of low-cost products which are threatening sales of offerings of international majors. More

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