Mobile dental unit coming to Rockingham County

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — A dental clinic for students is about to hit the road.    

Rockingham County leaders got their first look before kids start getting check-ups next year.

The health department got a $400,000 grant to set up the mobile dental unit. The money covers staffing for three years.    

County commissioners say there’s a great need for it.

“You know rural counties it is tough, County commissioner Craig Travid said. “It’s tough out there and what their job market, competition, the drug problem we have in Rockingham County. So, [lotta] single-parent families are in Rockingham County so I can see the need where a single mother a single father who has kid can’t really afford to take the time to take care of the kids, especially dental work.”

The health director says he expects at least 1,300 students to take advantage of the service.


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