Micron’s Boise investment raises hopes


Our typical style is to spell a number that large as “$15 billion.” But it’s worth looking at all those zeroes to begin to give some small understanding of how much money Micron Technology says it will spend in Boise through the end of the decade.

It’s likely to touch just about every sector of the local economy. Money will flow into the pockets of big companies like Idaho Power. And medium companies like office furniture sellers. And small companies like building contractors. New employees will shop at stores like Albertsons and WinCo Foods. And buy cars from Corwin or Peterson. The list goes on. Micron’s average wage could life employees to higher paying jobs across the economy.

There are concerns. We’ve heard from readers about water, and power, and transit and housing. We’re already working to report on some of those impacts and what, if anything, Micron or leaders are doing to mitigate them.

There have been many questions about what tax breaks or incentives Micron will receive. We’ve watched closely as city leaders and the legislature looked at attracting the company – and we have many more questions.

Micron announced a raft of initiatives around education – including at the K-12, junior college, and university levels. It said it wanted to train underrepresented and rural students. BoiseDev has published more than 4,000 stories in our six years of publishing. Few are as important or significant as a company saying it will spend $15 billion dollars.

Micron grew up in Boise and became one of the world’s largest businesses. Some of that Boise DNA has drifted as the company stopped making chips here and expanded in places like Virginia, California and Texas. But this week’s announcement makes a clear statement that the company that started with four Idaho men in the basement of a dental office on Cole Rd. will continue to make Boise a centerpiece of its company in decades to come. How it will impact Boise and Idaho — and the people who live here, is something we’ll watch closely.

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Below: BoiseDev’s Don Day and Fox 9’s Roland Beres discuss the Micron announcement:


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