August 25, 2022 3:00 a.m.

Mercy Foundation has been awarded a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation that will help implement a hospital-based prevention and education oral health care program at CHI Mercy Health.

A release said the grant is through the Olsrud Family Fund of OCF and the William Swindells, Sr. Memorial Fund of OCF. It is for a total of $32,500.

The funds will support and improve patient health by reducing risk factors associated with poor oral health implementing a hospital-based oral health care program utilizing an Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist. The EPDH will provide patients with preventative care, and ensure they leave the hospital with a dental plan including connection to a dental home, and educate medical staff on the effects and administration of oral health care.

Mercy Foundation President Lisa Platt said “This grant is the strong foundation for implementation of our new oral health care program at Mercy”. Platt said embedding a dental care person directly in the hospital will allow for much needed transition from inpatient to outpatient oral care.

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