Medit and Imagoworks announce service integration

SEOUL, South Korea: Medit, a leading manufacturer of 3D dental scanners, and Imagoworks, a company that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based digital dentistry solutions, have announced that two of their services—Imagoworks’ 3Dme Crown and the Medit Link App Box—have now been integrated.

Medit Link is a digital dental platform that enables management of patient data relating to oral and dental scans acquired from Medit’s range of intra-oral and laboratory scanners. The Medit Link App Box allows dental practitioners to increase productivity and streamline workflows by providing a centralised location for Medit’s digital technologies and applications. 3Dme Crown is an AI-based dental CAD solution that, unlike existing CAD software, is operable directly on a web browser without the need for installing additional software. The platform proposes an optimal prosthetic design in mere seconds by utilising a combination of some of the world’s leading AI and CAD technology.

According to the companies, the integration between Medit Link and 3Dme Crown is expected to significantly improve their usability and convenience for digital dental clinics and dental laboratories. For dental clinics using a Medit intra-oral scanner, crowns can be designed easily and quickly through 3Dme Crown. Dentists can view the prosthetic design directly, while the patient is still in the chair, enabling same-day restoration.

Dental laboratories equipped with Medit scanners will be able to design crowns immediately after scanning through 3Dme Crown, allowing them to then focus on more complex prosthetic designs and surgical guide production.

“Through this interconnection with Medit Link, dental clinics and dental laboratories will experience innovative progress in productivity and in the efficiency of crown production,” a representative for Imagoworks stated. “Beginning now, Imagoworks aims to actively develop its collaboration with domestic and global companies in order to provide a completely integrated digital dental workflow through seamless connections with scanners and processing equipment.”

The representative also noted that Imagoworks is preparing to launch an extensive update for 3Dme Crown at the end of November.


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