Media Report of Nash-o-Numa School

Foundation of healthy teeth is laid during the first years of life. Poor oral diet, habits and insufficient brushing can lead to poor oral and systemic health.

Lahore: Department of community and preventive dentistry Akhtar Saeed Dental College, Lahore arranged dental camp at Nash-o-numa school canal garden, Lahore for students aged between 2.5 years to 7 years, to evaluate the oral hygiene status & practices among students. The aim of the camp was to educate the students about oral health in terms of brushing techniques, habits and nutrition.


Free oral checkups as well as an oral hygiene lecture, instructions, and goody bags were given to the students. Carious teeth, missing teeth, plaque, calculus, and fluorosis were addressed. Oral checkups were performed on a mobile dental unit. Treatment plan in a ‘patient check-up form’ were given to children after evaluating the students. Moreover, discount vouchers were given to the principal for the faculty members and students.

Akhtar Saeed Dental College arranges such camps at different schools.The data collected by these institutes and organisations gives us an idea about oral hygiene status of community, the disease trends, the prevalence of certain conditions in the community and help us formulate future strategies to combat these conditions.


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