Maya Hawke takes a trip to the dentist in reflective ‘Sweet Tooth’ video

Maya Hawke has shared the music video for her new single ‘Sweet Tooth’, the latest track to be taken from her upcoming album ‘Moss’.

‘Moss’ will be the musician and actor’s second album, following 2020’s ‘Blush’, and will be released next month.

The video for ‘Sweet Tooth’ follows Hawke as she takes a trip to the dentist and, after being anaesthetised by laughing gas, slips into a dream that sees her friends holding a memorial for her on the beach. Director Celine Sutter explained in a press release: “‘Sweet Tooth’ was born out of conversations with Maya about the song, the album, and the unique feel of sweetness, cavity, death, and joy. We discussed care, caretaking, and childhood adult friendships.

“In the edit, we found the deconstructed nature of the dream with the behind-the-scenes footage – as if Maya was participating in the making of, and the theatre of, her own funeral. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a trippy, playful video that embraces the dichotomy of its themes: a joyful and melancholic funeral, a fake dream world with real footage, care and loneliness, sweetness and pain.”

Hawke added of the song itself: “‘Sweet Tooth’ was the last song written for ‘Moss’. The lyrics were written in Atlanta while filming, but Christian [Lee Hutson] and I recorded the first demo in Nashville. When we finished the first recording session, I felt this eruption of joy and I knew this feeling had to be on the record.”

‘Moss’ will be released on September 23 via Mom+Pop and will feature the previous single ‘Thérèse’.

Speaking to NME about the new album last month, Hawke explained that much of the record is written from the point of view of her high school self and features “songs I wish I’d written when I was 15”. “In the acting world, you often get cast to play 14 at 16, 16 at 20 – what’s cool about that is you know a lot more about what it means to be 14 when you’re 16,” she said. “So I’ve been taking that ethos and using it in my music.”


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