Managing The Financial Costs Of Dental And Veterinary Care

Payment methods are changing. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
over traditional payments for dental and veterinary care is
a great new option. In 2022, 2 in 3 Americans are more
interested in BNPL than they were before the pandemic. Buy
Now, Pay Later offers greater amounts of flexibility; 69% of
people are successful when it comes to following a budget.
Even so, successful budgeters can benefit from alternative
payment options. Pet parents appreciate BNPL benefits; 45%
of pet parents appreciate payment flexibility. Similarly,
they enjoy avoiding credit card fees and interest as well as
the fair, fixed rates offered by BNPL.

While health
insurance offers some options for medical bills, dental care
and veterinary visits require other options to pay off their
bills. Buy Now, Pay Later is a great option for those
looking to ease the financial strain
of dental and veterinary care. Nearly 75% of those
between ages 43 and 57 are worried about healthcare costs;
this is more than any other large group. Healthcare bills
take time to pay off. 30% of Americans plan to pay for their
next dental visit with a credit or debit card, and 38% of
pet parents pay for their vet care with a credit card.
Nearly half of pet owners take at least one month to pay off
veterinary bills from their visit. Opy makes it easy to pay
for the care you need.

Buy Now, Pay Later

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