Louth TD says school children continue to suffer as Government drags heals on dental care

Louth Labour TD Ged Nash has said that school childen in Louth continue to suffer as Government drags its heels on dental care.

Deputy Ged Nash said: “It has recently come to my attention that some Louth school children entering 2nd year of secondary school are still waiting on their 6th class primary school check-up. This is simply unacceptable. It is symbolic of the dental chaos that children, families and other vulnerable patients have faced under this Government.

The Louth TD adds, “and it shows again that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Green Party are collectively failing to deliver on dental care as promised and as is legally required. After making contact again with the Irish Dental Association, I have been informed that talks on a new dental service treatment scheme has not even commenced.

“This is despite the Minister for Health pledging action last year. This is causing chaos for citizens with medical cards who need access to treatment that they are effectively being denied.

Deputy Nash continues, “it is also a year since I undertook a Dental Care Survey in Co Louth and raised the shocking results with the Minister and HSE. Yet one year later, the dial has not shifted. We continue to store up problems for the future.

“The real life consequences of this ongoing failure are young children missing out on life changing dental treatment and medical card patients are left in pain. Many of the children concerned are suffering in pain for years with no end in sight. It is not right and needs to be addressed now.

“I will continue to make sure their voice is heard and I will keep raising the dental care crisis with the Minister at every opportunity.”



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