Local dentist develops mouth guard that’s helping Veterans fight symptoms of PTSD

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – When most people imagine retirement, they visualize relaxing on the beach, But then there’s Dr. Donald Moeller.

“Most doctors might want a big fancy airplane or a sailboat, but I got myself a dental office, said physician and dentist Donald Moeller.

And ever since, the veteran, doctor and dentist has been helping other veterans fight physical symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or PTDS.

About 10 years ago, while in medical school a stressed Dr. Moeller began to experience symptoms of PTSD like teeth clenching, headaches and lack of sleep.

That’s when he went to work researching and later developing a mouth guard to help relieve his symptoms, and it worked.

Knowing the stresses of military life, Dr. Moeller began working with area veterans and others who suffer from PTSD indicators proving his now patented mouth guard helps alleviate some symptoms.

“Some of those symptoms is nightmares, headaches, poor sleep quality,” said Moeller.

Moeller said the formula for his product is simple.

“The material this is made of is quite thin, but we stack it and make it very, very thick, said Moeller.” “It keeps your teeth apart when you sleep.”

Causing a neurological reaction of events to interrupt grinding, clenching and other symptoms.

So far, Moeller helped over 800 veterans and others.

Dr. Moeller said he’s honored to be able to help to such an important group of people in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Plus, he’s happy to see something that started out as a self discovery become so successful.

“We’re amazed, we’re really amazed,” said Moeller.


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