Local dentist describes current state of Ukraine after 6 months of turmoil | Berks Regional News

READING, Pa. – Dr. Tim Medianick, who was born in Ukraine, urges his fellow Ukrainians not to give up the fight as the Russian invasion of their country reaches the six-month mark.

Medianick, who runs Boulevard Dental Associates on Kenhorst Boulevard in Reading, says his brother and sister have been making trips into Ukraine.

He said his sister is currently there on the Ukrainian-Romanian border, helping with refugees.

Dr. Tim Medianick has been organizing fundraising efforts for his home country of Ukraine.

“She’s helping with mothers, with little babies, with little ones, as they cross the border to find their shelter, to find a hospital for deliveries,” Medianick said.

The dentist said some of his family members fled to the U.S. and other parts of Europe.

He said some of them are looking to go back to visit family members who were not able to leave.

“Because what happened is that the females were able to leave, but the guys — if you’re between 18 and 60 (years old) — you have to stay,” Medianick said.

That is because the country ordered all fighting-age men to stay.

Meanwhile, as war wages on, Tuesday marked the country’s flag day, and Wednesday is its independence day.

Medianick said there is usually a big parade with the military, but he said this year is very different.

“It’s going to be more low key,” the dentist said. “The main street in Kiev is full of military equipment, but this time, it’s Russian, burnt military equipment.”

He urges Ukrainians to continue fighting back.

“We have to win,” Medianick said. “This is the war, not only Ukraine fighting against Russia, this is civilized war fighting against Russia.”

Authorities have banned mass gatherings in Ukraine’s capital through Thursday due to the fear of missile attacks around its independence day, which celebrates the country’s independence from the Soviet Union.


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