LCMD talks over TMJ in dental practice

KARACHI: The Continuing Dental Education Committee(CDEC) of Liaquat College Of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD) organised a seminar on “TMJ in Dental Practice”. 

 The speakers of the seminar were Prof. Dr Navid Rashid Qureshi, Principal College of Dentistry, LCMD, Prof. Dr Atif Jawad, Dean, Bhitai Dental and Medical College and Dr Shuja Hamid, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Medicine, Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Mirpurkhas. 

 Prof. Dr Navid Rashid Qureshi discussed common TMJ misdiagnosis in clinical practice with a detailed and methodical approach to study “Surgical Anatomy, Diagnosis and Management of TMJ”. Another speaker Prof. Dr Atif Jawad conducted a lecture on “Splint Therapy”, which is the foundation and an integral part of a comprehensive Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment plan. Dr Shuja Hamid delivered a lecture on ‘Classification of TMJ Disorders’, characterised by clinical signs and diagnostic criteria with the help of imaging. 

 All participants participating in the seminar were from different colleges in Karachi, including LCMD and Bhitai Dental College, Mirpurkhas. Each participant was awarded E-certificate accredited by JSMU with CME hours. 

In the end, Prof. Dr Uzma Zareef, Chairperson CDEC, LCMD, gave the vote of thanks. The Dr Navid Rashid Qureshi, Principal, College of Dentistry, LCMD, and Dr Naheed Najmi, Vice Principal, College of Dentistry, LCMD, awarded shields to all the speakers.


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