LCMD considers synergistic approach to Intelligence Enhancement

KARACHI: The Department of Health Professions Education (DHPE) at Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD) conducted a hands-on workshop titled “Emotional Intelligence”.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) makes it possible for health care providers to have positive interpersonal relationships, enhance communication, and facilitates constructive conflict resolution. Additionally, higher EI has been shown to have a favourable correlation with higher performance levels. Considering the requirement to provide training for LCMD instructors to enhance their professional and personal lives,  DHPE invited Prof. Dr Shams Nadeem Alam, a professor in general surgery and a medical educator, to act as a facilitator for the conference.

The facilitator conducted a highly engaging and interactive workshop, where participants were asked to fill out the EI self-assessment questionnaire and interpreted the results. Moreover, relevant action plans were also discussed to strengthen EI. Prof. Dr Uzma Zareef, Head of Oral Pathology Department, LCMD, presented a certificate to Prof. Shams Alam.


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