Know The Reasons For Dental Cavities In Children

Dental cavities are a common problem among children. Cavities develop when a buildup of dental plaque eats away tooth enamel. Plaque is a sticky substance that forms on teeth when bacteria in the mouth react with food, acid, and saliva. Thus, it is critical to instill the habit of oral hygiene in children to prevent them from falling victim to dental problems at a young age.

To strengthen children’s teeth, their diet must be carefully monitored. However, many people complain that even after taking care of their children’s dental health, they face the problem of cavities. So, it is important to understand the primary causes of tooth decay in children.

These reasons can cause cavities in children:

Bacterial infection in the mouth: As per Hopkins, kids often don’t pay much attention to their oral hygiene. This results in increased dental cavities as they either don’t drink enough water or don’t properly rinse their teeth after eating. The harmful bacteria in the mouth get multiplied by minor negligence, which also raises the mouth’s acid level.

Sticky foods: To avoid dental cavities, it is necessary to exercise caution when consuming sticky food items such as toffee, chocolate, and sweets. Such sticky and sugary foods are extremely harmful to the teeth. Eating them at night causes tooth decay.

Starchy foods: Every kid enjoys starchy foods such as chips, chocolate, and other processed food items, but these contain carbohydrates that break down into sugars, causing bacteria to grow in the teeth. The longer these foods remain in the mouth, the greater the risk of developing cavities.

Inadequate nutrition: Children must get enough and the right nutrients during their growing years. The lack of nutrition in the teeth can lead to a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C, which causes worms to appear in the teeth and speedily break them down.

Parents should immediately make an appointment with a pediatric dentist if they suspect a cavity in their kid’s teeth. Dentists can inspect your child’s teeth to monitor signs of decay and then make treatment recommendations based on their extent.

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