Kids Day at local dentist

DISNEY DENTIST: Staff of Holmes Family Dental dressed in a Disney theme for Kids Day on Wednesday. Staff members Dr Isabel Holmes, Indiana Meares, Lyn Mckinlay, Naomi Zwijnenburg, Chantelle Wilson, Emilie Stevens with Sophie and Sarah Dunford.

Elisabeth Champion

A trip to the dentist is not normally a fun activity for children, but a Mount Gambier dentist is doing their best to change that.

Director of Holmes Family Dental Dr Isabel Holmes is making sure her littlest patients leave the clinic with a smile, holding a bi-annual ‘Kids Day’.

It was quite a sight on Wednesday with Batgirl, Where’s Wally, Hermione Granger, Snow White and other well-known characters picking up the tools for the day.

Ms Holmes said the day is designed to make a trip to the dentist less daunting for kids.

“We really want to promote children’s dentistry and promoting good oral health skills now, and make visits to the dentist much more exciting and comfortable, less scary and really fun,” she said.

“It really sets you up for good oral health for the rest of your life.

“It reduces the amount of decay or cavities and also reduces getting gingivitis or gum disease in your teeth, and promotes regular hygiene appointments and maintenance appointments.

“This day is just to encourage, educate and prevent.”

She said baby teeth are often neglected, but said issues in baby teeth can carry on into adulthood.

“Baby teeth don’t get the significance they deserve – if children get decay in their baby teeth, it can actually affect their adult teeth,” she said.

“Sadly, there is a high decay rate even in children, particularly in our region.

“It’s a preventable disease and even in baby teeth, you can end up with enamel issues in your adult teeth from infected baby teeth and if you have to have baby teeth removed prematurely there is orthodontic issues with your adult teeth.

“there is quite a significant flow-on effect.”

As well as promoting good oral hygiene, the day helped to raise money for charity.

“We really wanted to give back to the community this time, so a portion of every single appointment was donated towards the Starlight Foundation and the Royal Flying Doctors Service,” Ms Holmes said.

“It’s nice for our patients to feel they are also contributing to such good causes.”


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