Katrina Coote brings experience to new business Shepparton Dental Spa

Passion: Dental hygienist Katrina Coote opened Shepparton Dental Spa in March.
Photo by
Anna McGuinness

Katrina Coote has a newfound passion for looking after people’s smiles and helping them feel confident, after stepping out with her new business in Shepparton.

Ms Coote opened Shepparton Dental Spa in March after three decades working as a dental hygienist — a career she “fell into”.

“I grew up in outback NSW and didn’t really want to go to university at the time so I took a job as a dental nurse and I loved it,” she said.

“I’ve got a real passion for helping people look after their mouths and making sure they’re comfortable in the chair.”

Ms Coote has worked at multiple dental practices in Shepparton but decided it was time to take the plunge into running her own business.

Innovative: The clinic uses Guided Biofilm Therapy, described as “a spa for your mouth”.
Photo by
Anna McGuinness

“There’s nothing like what I’m doing in the Goulburn Valley area,” she said.

“My focus is on people’s oral health and the whole body; because your mouth is the gateway to your body.”

The clinic uses an innovation in cleaning called Guided Biofilm Therapy.

“Basically, it’s a spa for your mouth,” Ms Coote said.

“The fluid guides us where people need the most attention with their cleaning.

“We can take a scraping and find out what bacteria is in their plaque, which is associated with things like heart disease, diabetes and inflammatory disorders.”

The clinic also offers in-chair cosmetic whitening, meaning clients walk out with whiter teeth, rather than waiting for results or doing it themselves at home.

“I wanted to offer people a space to come where they feel confident, safe, cared for, listened to and understood,” Ms Coote said.

“I also opened [the business] for myself; I wanted to grow myself, I’ve never done the business side of things so that’s been a massive learning curve.”

Shepparton Dental Spa is located at 582 Wyndham St, Shepparton. For more information, visit www.dentalspa.clinic

Free consultations are available.


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