Item Analysis workshop

Karachi: On 19th August 2022, workshop on item Analysis was held in VLC (Video link Conference) room by department of dental education took place. The Organiser and speaker of the workshop was Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Zaidi, Assistant Professor and Dr Kulsoom Zahir, lecturer dental education department. The workshop was attended by the faculty members from dental and medical departments involve in exam analysis.


The session was started with the introduction of workshop topic, the roadmap of the workshop was laid, learning objectives were given after which the speaker started with the brain storming session in which he asked the participants about their concepts of item analysis and where it can be used. On receiving different views of regarding item analysis from the participants the speaker started clearing their concepts through his lecture of “what actually is item analysis and where we can use item analysis other than assessment” 

The speaker explained the different components of item analysis such has difficulty index, discrimination index in his lecture and then the participants were asked to take out these two on excel in their laptops as a hands-on activity. After completion of this task participants were taught how to calculate the reliability of every item. Correlation was also taught to the participants and how to take out the Pearson correlation. On the bases of calculated values (difficulty index, discrimination index, reliability, and Pearson correlation) flawed items were identified and deleted. New result was developed in which reliability was increased from 0.6 to 0.7 after item deletion. 


The speaker kept the participants engaged and was personally helping all the participants in their hands on activity. In the end of the workshop all participants gave their feedback about the workshop.



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