Integrated Curriculum workshop at BUDC  

Karachi: A workshop on Integrated Curriculum was held in the VLC (Video link Conference) room by the department of dental education at BUDC on 1ST July 2022. 

The Organizer of the workshop was Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Zaidi, Assistant Professor and Dr Kulsoom Zahir, lecturer dental education department. The chief guest speaker of the session was Prof Syed Moyn Aly (Director academic JSMU). The workshop was attended by two faculty members from different dental departments.

 The session started with the introduction of the workshop topic, the roadmap of the workshop was laid, and learning objectives were given after which the speaker started with the brainstorming session in which he asked the participants about their concepts of an integrated curriculum. On receiving different views of integrated curriculum from the participants the speaker started clearing their concepts through his lecture on “what actually is integrated curriculum and how it can be incorporated into our curriculum?”  

All the participants were divided into a group of five and were asked to perform a task in which they had to make a weekly timetable related to their field of a subject by incorporating an integrated curriculum in it and presenting it after the lunch break. All the groups presented their integrated curriculum incorporated timetables and the speaker summarized and corrected them where corrections were needed, then assignments were shuffled among the groups, and participants were asked to find out the strengths and limitations of each other making it a learning experience for all the participants. 

In the end, the speaker showed the articles and research on integrated curriculum and how its incorporation has been helpful for students and guided all the participants for further research on an integrated curriculum. 

The honorable guest speaker was awarded a shield by the Principal Dental section of Bahria University Health Sciences. 


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